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Sweet Sage Cafe Breakfast Menu Prices: Sweet Sage Cafe is an adorable little café situated in North Redington Beach, Florida.

It’s a favorite place for lunch and breakfast and has a good reason for it. The food is excellent the service is warm and the ambiance is warm and welcoming.

One thing that sets Sweet Sage Cafe apart is the large breakfast menu. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, including classic breakfast dishes like egg Benedict, to original recipes such as waffles.

Waffle Daffle. With costs that are affordable and affordable, you can have an excellent breakfast without having to break the bank.

We’ll take a close review of our review of the Sweet Sage Cafe breakfast menu. We’ll also give you some advice for getting the most price for your dollars.

Sweet Sage Cafe Breakfast Menu Prices

The breakfast buffet at Sweet Sage Cafe is filled with delicious choices that are guaranteed to satisfy all appetites. Here are a few of the most sought-after breakfast items available:

Dish   Price
Sweet Sage Sausage Benedict Sweet Sage Sausage Benedict $13.99
Traditional Benedict Traditional Benedict $12.99
California Benedict California Benedict $13.99
Spinach Benedict Spinach Benedict $12.99
Salmon Benedict Salmon Benedict $14.99
West Virginia Benedict West Virginia Benedict $12.99
Waffle Daffle Waffle Daffle $11.99
French Toast French Toast $10.99
Pancakes Pancakes $9.99
Homestyle Breakfast Homestyle Breakfast $10.99
Omelet Omelet $11.99
Scrambler Scrambler $10.99
Sides Sides $3.99 – $5.99
Coffee Coffee $2.99 – $4.99
Tea Tea $2.99 – $3.99
Juice Juice $3.99
Smoothies Smoothies $5.99

How to Order Sweet Sage Cafe

There are several ways to place an order with Sweet Sage Cafe:

  • Personal: You can visit the cafe during breakfast hours, and place your food order in front of the counter.
  • phone: You can call the cafe at (727) 441-1188 and make your order by phone.
  • online: You can order online via the Sweet Sage Cafe website.
  • Delivery: It is possible to order delivery via a third-party provider such as DoorDash as well as Grubhub.

Below are steps for how to place an order on the internet from Sweet Sage Cafe:

  1. Visit Sweet Sage Cafe’s website. Sweet Sage Cafe website.
  2. Select”Order Online.” Click on the “Order Online” button.
  3. Choose your breakfast options.
  4. Pick the preferred delivery or pickup time.
  5. Enter your contact details and payment information.
  6. Select”Place Order” or click on the “Place Order” button.

The order will be processed after which you’ll receive an order confirmation email. You can check the status of your order by visiting Sweet Sage Cafe’s website. Sweet Sage Cafe website.

Tips for Saving Money Sweet Sage Cafe

Here are some suggestions to save cash when you shop at Sweet Sage Cafe:

  • Take advantage of off-peak times. The cafe is most busy in the morning If you are able to visit during the afternoon or evening hours, you’ll probably save money.
  • Share an entire dinner. The portions at Sweet Sage Cafe are generous which means you can take a meal out with a loved one or a family member.
  • Benefit from discount coupons and other discounts. Sweet Sage Cafe frequently offers coupons and discounts Be sure to inquire about these when you place an order.
  • Take your very own cup. If you bring your own mug, you’ll receive 10% off tea or coffee.
  • Breakfast specials are available for purchase. Sweet Sage Cafe serves breakfast every day. It’s an ideal option to save money.
  • Have breakfast at home. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, the best option to save cash is to eat meals at your home.

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With its wide menu and hospitable customer service, there’s little surprise that it’s a favorite place for tourists and locals alike.

If you’re ever looking for a delicious breakfast, you should visit Sweet Sage Cafe. You are sure to be impressed!

FAQs – Sweet Sage Cafe Breakfast Menu Prices

What are the hours for breakfast in the Sweet Sage Cafe? Sweet Sage Cafe?

Sweet Sage Cafe serves breakfast between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

What are the costs of breakfast options from Sweet Sage Cafe?

The cost of breakfast items in the Sweet Sage Cafe varies depending on the type of item. Here are a few examples:

Sweet Sage Sausage Benedict: $13.99
Traditional Benedict $12.99
California Benedict: $13.99
Spinach Benedict: $12.99
Salmon Benedict: $14.99
West Virginia Benedict: $12.99
Daffle: $11.99. Daffle: $11.99
French Toast $10.99
Pancakes: $9.99
Breakfast at Home: $10.99
Omelet: $11.99
Scrambler: $10.99

Is it true that Sweet Sage Cafe offers discounts or breakfast coupons?

Sure, Sweet Sage Cafe often offers coupons and discounts for breakfast. These coupons and discounts are on the cafe’s website, on social media pages or in local papers.

Can I bring my cup to Sweet Sage Cafe for a discount on tea or coffee?

Yes, you can bring your cup to the Sweet Sage Cafe for a 10 percent discount on coffee or tea.

Does Sweet Sage Cafe offer delivery?

Sure, Sweet Sage Cafe offers delivery via third-party providers like DoorDash or Grubhub.

What’s the dress code of Sweet Sage Cafe?

Sweet Sage Cafe has a casual dress code. It is acceptable to wear whatever dress you are comfortable in.

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