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Spoons Breakfast Menu Prices: Are you in search of A delicious and filling breakfast that won’t cost you a fortune?

Take a look at Spoons, where an unforgettable dining experience is waiting for you at affordable prices.

In this post, I’ll take a look at the delicious options on Spoons breakfast menu, And explore the variety of options along with pricing information and the main reasons Spoons is a top choice for breakfast that is delicious.

Spoons Breakfast Menu Prices List in 2024

here is the Spoons breakfast menu with prices

Wetherspoons Breakfast Menu

Wetherspoons Breakfast Menu

Wetherspoons Breakfast Menu Menu Items Price
Large breakfast Two fried eggs, baked beans, three hash browns, two slices of toast, bacon, two sausages, mushroom,  and Lurpak spreadable £5.85
Traditional breakfast Fried egg, bacon, sausage, two hash browns, a slice of toast, baked beans, and Lurpak spreadable £4.45
Small breakfast Baked beans, bacon, hash brown, fried egg, and sausage £4.05
Large vegetarian breakfast Two fried eggs, mushroom, tomato, two slices of toast, three hash browns, three Quorn sausages, baked beans, and Lurpak spreadable £5.85
Vegetarian breakfast Two fried eggs, mushroom, tomato, a slice of toast,  two hash browns, two Quorn sausages, baked beans, and Lurpak spreadable £4.45
Small vegetarian breakfast Fried egg, tomato, hash brown, Quorn sausage, baked beans £4.05
Vegan breakfast Two Quorn sausages, two hash browns, mushroom, tomato baked beans, a slice of toast, vegan spread, baked beans, and two hash browns £4.20
Freedom breakfast Two fried eggs, mushroom bacon, tomato, and baked beans £4.05
Eggs Benedict Two poached eggs, English muffin, Wiltshire cured ham, Hollandaise sauce, and rocket £4.55
Mushroom Benedict Two poached eggs, mushroom, Hollandaise sauce, English muffin, and rocket £4.55
Scrambled egg on toast Three eggs, white bloomer bread, and Country Life spreadable £3.35
Beans on toast White bloomer bread and Country Life spreadable £2.85
Small beans on toast White bloomer bread and Country Life spreadable £1.85
Two slices of toast with jam or marmalade White bloomer bread and Lurpak spreadable £1.99
MOMA Porridge with banana £1.99
MOMA Porridge with honey £1.99
MOMA Porridge with banana and honey £2.29
Add two slices of black pudding (with any items) £1.00




Muffins Menu Items Price
Egg & cheese muffin American-style cheese, fried egg, and an English muffin £2.75
Egg & bacon muffin Bacon, American-style cheese, fried egg, and an English muffin £3.15
Egg & sausage muffin American-style cheese, fried egg, sausage, and an English muffin £3.15
Egg & Quorn™ sausage muffin American-style cheese, Fried egg, Quorn sausage, and an English muffin £3.15
Breakfast muffin American-style cheese, Fried egg, sausage, bacon, and an English muffin £3.35
Add a hash brown (with any items) 30p


Butties and Wraps

Butties and Wraps

Butties and Wraps Menu Items Price
Bacon butty Three rashers of bacon, Country Life spreadable, and white bloomer bread £3.35
Sausage butty Two sausages, Country Life spreadable, and white bloomer bread £3.35
Quorn™ sausage butty Two Quorn sausages, Country Life spreadable, and white bloomer bread £3.35
Breakfast wrap Fried egg, bacon, Cheddar cheese, sausage, and hash brown £3.85
Vegetarian breakfast wrap Fried egg, Cheddar cheese, two Quorn sausages, and two hash browns £3.85


Breakfast Sides

Breakfast Sides

Breakfast Sides, Drinks, and Biscuits Price
Two slices of black pudding £1.00
Two rashers of bacon £1.05
Sausage 65p
Two scrambled eggs £1.20
Quorn sausage 65p
Baked beans 60p
Fried egg £65p
Two grilled tomato halves 35p
Hash brown 30p
Slice of toast, Lurpak spreadable 85p
Two mushrooms 60p

Drinks (Free Refills)

Drinks (Free Refills)

Flat white £1.20
Cappuccino £1.20
Latte £1.20
Mocha £1.20
Espresso £1.20
Black coffee £1.20
White coffee £1.20
Hot chocolate £1.20
Tea £1.20



Viennese fingers 40p
Stem ginger biscuits 65p
kcal Salted caramel brownie £1.30

Quality Ingredients, Fresh Flavors

At Spoons Quality is the most important thing and starts at the beginning of our ingredients.

Farm-to-Table Philosophy

Spoons source their ingredients locally, which means that every dish is created using the finest and freshest products.

Culinary Expertise in Every Dish

The team of chefs at Spoons is comprised of experienced chefs who put their knowledge and passion for cooking into each breakfast item.

Customization and Dietary Needs

Spoons recognize that the preferences of people with dietary restrictions and restrictions may differ.

Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly

There is a separate section dedicated to vegan and vegetarian breakfast options, Spoons caters to those who favor plant-based diets.

Gluten-Free Options

For those who have gluten allergies, Spoons offers a variety of gluten-free options for breakfast without sacrificing flavor.

A Healthy Twist

People who are health conscious will be happy with Spoons’ dedication to providing healthy options. 

Opt on the Avocado Power Toast which is a healthy option that combines avocado’s creamy texture toast, whole-grain bread, and a sprinkle of superfood seeds for only $6.99.

Customization at Your Fingertips

One of the best features of Spoons Breakfast Menu is the possibility to personalize your breakfast. 

Switch ingredients, alter portions, and design an individual breakfast. The menu will allow you to become the chef of your morning meal.

Wetherspoons Breakfast Times

Day Breakfast Opening Time Breakfast Closing Time
Monday 8:00 am 11:30 am
Tuesday 8:00 am 11:30 am
Wednesday 8:00 am 11:30 am
Thursday 8:00 am 11:30 am
Friday 8:00 am 11:30 am
Saturday 8:00 am 11:30 am
Sunday 8:00 am 11:30 am


Start your day off with Spoons breakfast selection isn’t eating a meal. It’s an experience that blends flavor, quality, and affordability. Take advantage of breakfast that pleases your palate and nourishes your body.

FAQs – Spoons Breakfast Menu Prices

What is the average breakfast price at Spoons?

The cost of food items for breakfast at Spoons generally varies between $5.99 to $8.99.

Do you have any discounts that are exclusive to early-morning diners?

Spoons offers a 10 discount off the total breakfast purchase for diners who dine between 6:00 AM and 8:15 AM.

How can I personalize my breakfast according to what I like?

Spoons allow for customization and allow you to personalize the breakfast you want to suit your needs.

Do you have alternatives for those with food restrictions, for example, nuts-free or gluten-free options?

Spoons has information on allergens and provides alternatives to accommodate different diet restrictions, such as nuts-free and gluten-free dishes.

What are some of the signature items on the breakfast menu?

Some classic meals are “Grandma’s Classic Breakfast,” “Southwestern Sunrise Burrito,” and the “Hearty Oatmeal Delight.”

Is there a reasonable option for children at the restaurant?

Spoons offers a “Kids’ Breakfast Special” which comprises mini-pancakes scrambled eggs, and bacon and sausage at $4.99.

What will it cost me to add side dishes like hash browns or hash browns in my breakfast?

Adding some sides such as hash browns usually costs about $2.49 at Spoons.

Do they have vegan breakfast options?

Spoons provide a variety of vegetarian breakfast choices to satisfy a variety of dietary needs.

What are the prices for breakfast the same across each of the Spoons places?

Prices could differ slightly based on area, so it’s recommended to check with the local Spoons to find out the exact price.

What is it that sets Spoons apart about breakfast quality and affordability?

Spoons provides an array of delicious breakfast options for customers at affordable costs, while also ensuring high-quality ingredients and satisfaction of customers.

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