McDonald’s Qatar Breakfast Menu Prices 2024 ❤️


McDonald’s Qatar Breakfast Menu Prices: In the bustling city of Qatar There’s nothing quite like beginning your day off with a satisfying breakfast. 

Many people find that McDonald’s has become a popular spot for a quick and tasty breakfast. 

From traditional choices to regional variations, McDonald’s Qatar breakfast menu has a variety of menu items that meet various preferences and tastes. 

In this post, we’ll look into the tempting options on the McDonald’s Qatar breakfast menu examining the costs as well as the variety and convenience that make it a top option for breakfast lovers.

McDonald’s Qatar Breakfast Menu Prices List



Sausage McMuffin With Egg Sandwich QR10
Hotcakes QR10
Egg N’ Sausage Wrap Sandwich QR10
Egg N’ Hashbrown Wrap Sandwich QR10
Mushroom Omelet Wrap QR10
Hashbrown QR6
Egg McMuffin Sandwich QR9

Breakfast Happy Meals

Breakfast Happy Meals

Happy Meal Breakfast Sausage McMuffin With Egg  QR14
Egg N’ Hashbrown Wrap Meal QR16
Egg N’ Sausage Wrap Meal QR16
Hashbrown QR6
Egg McMuffin Sandwich QR9
Egg N’ Sausage Wrap Sandwich QR10
Egg N’ Hashbrown Wrap Sandwich QR10
Sausage McMuffin With Egg Sandwich QR10
Hotcakes QR10
Sausage McMuffin Meal QR12
Egg McMuffin Meal QR13
Sausage McMuffin With Egg Meal QR14
Hotcakes Meal QR15
Big Breakfast Meal QR15
Chicken McMuffin Meal QR12
Happy Meal Breakfast Chicken Burger QR14
Happy Meal Breakfast 4 Pcs Chicken McNuggets QR14
Happy Meal Breakfast Egg Mcmuffin QR13
Mushroom Omelet Wrap QR10
Mushroom Omelet Wrap Meal QR16



Grand Chicken Special Meal QR25
6 Pcs Chicken McNuggets Meal QR18
Chicken Mac Sandwich QR14
McChicken Sandwich QR14
Peri Peri Chicken Wrap Regular Meal QR16
Peri Peri Chicken Wrap Medium Meal QR18
Peri Peri Chicken Wrap Large Meal QR20
9 Pcs Chicken McNuggets Meal QR22
Chicken Strips Wrap QR10
Grand Chicken Spicy Meal QR22
McChicken Meal QR21
Spicy Mcchicken Meal QR22
Chicken Mac Meal QR22
Chicken Burger Deluxe Meal QR16
Grand Chicken Special Sandwich QR18
Grand Chicken Spicy Sandwich QR18
Spicy McChicken Sandwich QR14
Chicken Burger Deluxe Sandwich QR8
9 Pieces McNuggets QR13
6 Pieces McNuggets QR11
20 Pieces Chicken McNuggets QR27
Peri Peri Chicken Wrap QR12
Chicken Strips Wrap Meal QR15

McCafe Pastries

McCafe Pastries

Coconut Donut QR6
Red Velvet Cake QR12
Triple Chocolate Donut QR6
Sugar Donut QR6
Macaron QR3
Zaatar Croissant QR6
Plain Croissant QR6
Blueberry Muffin QR8
Choco Nut Donut QR6
Triple Chocolate Muffin QR8
Chocolate Chip Cookies QR5
Tiramisu QR12
Victoria Cake QR12
Chocolate Fudge Cake QR12
Blueberry Cheesecake QR12
Honey Cake QR12
Oat and Raisin Cookie QR5



Pineapple Stick QR3
Apple Pie QR6

McCafe Beverages

McCafe Beverages

Premium Cappuccino QR14
Black Tea QR6
Espresso QR6
Double Espresso QR9
Premium Hot Tea QR12
Mixed Berry Smoothie QR10
Strawberry Smoothie QR10
Iced Spanish Latte 14 Oz QR12
Iced Tea QR8
Mango Smoothie QR12
Red tea QR6
Hot Spanish Latte QR12
Iced Latte Hazelnut – Large QR15
Iced Latte Salted Caramel – Large QR15
Karak Chai QR3
Americano QR6
Premium Hot Chocolate QR16
Premium Mochaccino QR16
Premium Latte QR14
Premium Hot Tea QR6
Iced Latte Vanilla – Large QR15



Orange Juice QR6
Coca-Cola Zero QR7
Coca-Cola Regular QR8
Fanta Orange QR8
Sprite QR8
Apple Juice QR6
Plain Milk QR5
Chocolate Milk QR5
Mineral Water QR3
Acqua Panna Water QR6
San Pellegrino Water QR7


McDonald’s Qatar breakfast menu blends traditions, creativity, and affordable. Offering a variety of options to suit various tastes and budgets their breakfast menus are proof of their commitment to offering the perfect start to your day.

Faq – McDonald’s Qatar Breakfast Menu Prices

What’s included in McDonald’s Qatar breakfast menu?

McDonald’s Qatar breakfast menu offers a wide range of dishes like Egg McMuffins, Hash Browns, Hotcakes, Sausage McMuffins, and many more.

What is the price of the Egg McMuffin cost in Qatar?

as of my last report in September 2021, prices for the Egg McMuffin in Qatar were about QAR 13.

What is the cost of a Sausage muffin and Egg?

The sausage McMuffin that includes eggs in Qatar generally varies from QAR 14 to QAR 16.

Are there available breakfast options Are there breakfast combos available?

Yes, McDonald’s Qatar offers breakfast combo meals that comprise a primary breakfast item, a snack (such as Hash Browns), and drinks. The prices for these combos could differ.

What is the price Hash Browns cost individually?

Hash Browns in Qatar are typically priced between QAR 6 to 7 per piece.

What is the price of Hotcakes with butter and syrup?

What is the price of Hotcakes with butter and syrup in McDonald’s Qatar was QAR 16. QAR 18.

Are there alternatives to eating a healthy breakfast?

Certainly, McDonald’s Qatar offers oatmeal and yogurt parfaits as healthy breakfast alternatives. Prices could differ for these choices.

What does breakfast typically cost?

the complete breakfast menu in McDonald’s Qatar, including a main dish as well as a side dish, and a drink, may vary from QAR 25 up to more than QAR 35 according to your preferences.

Are there vegetarian options for breakfast on the menu?

Yes, McDonald’s Qatar offers vegetarian options such as McDonald’s McMuffin, which is a Veggie McMuffin, which is generally priced at a similar level to other breakfast items.

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